Cain spox calls ‘Geraldo’ show about ‘smear campaign’ but won’t deny Politico allegations

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In an impromptu, awkward interview Sunday night on Fox News Channel’s “Geraldo at Large,” Herman Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon attempted to defend the former pizza magnate against a Politico story alleging that two unnamed female staffers accused Cain of sexual harassment in the late 1990s when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

“These are thin allegations — this is not sourced,” Gordon said. “Right now we are trying to put this in perspective for you, that this is not even a sourced allegation.”

Rivera pressed Gordon for an outright denial, but Gordon continued to attack the Politico story, mostly repeating talking points that were part of a statement the campaign issued earlier Sunday evening.

“All I will tell you here is it’s important to know what the facts are here,” Gordon said. “And these are just like I said: These are thinly sourced allegations that occurred during Mr. Cain’s tenure.”

When Rivera pressed for a denial that Cain had ever paid hush money to a female accuser, Gordon finally punted.

“I would say you have to get that from the National Restaurant Association,” he said. (RELATED: Cain campaign accuses Politico of ‘unsubstantiated personal attacks’)

Gordon did, however, continue hammering the Politico story, published Sunday evening.

“They can’t name the source in the story — it was from a third party,” he said. “There is nothing to this. It is just a smear campaign. He said thousands of people worked for him.”

Gordon called host Geraldo Rivera’s blackberry during the show. Rivera conducted the interview by holding his smartphone against his lapel microphone.


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