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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Lord Christopher Monckton

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The left despises Lord Christopher Monckton.

A domestic and science policy adviser to then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, Monckton has become the bane of the radical environmental movement. He articulately debunks the intellectual foundation of global warming theory for the layperson.

Though former Vice President Al Gore has so far ignored Monckton’s repeated challenges to debate the science behind climate change, Monckton’s arguments have spread far and wide. A video of a 2009 speech about environmental extremists in Minnesota, for instance, attracted more than 3.5 million views on the Internet in 30 days.

Both informative and entertaining, Monckton also has experience as a businessman, architect and public speaker. Last week, he sat down with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas to discuss the dangers of the radical environmental agenda, the politicization of science by the left, what gives him hope and much more.

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How are today’s politicians transferring real legislative power away from the consent of the governed as laid out by our founders?

“No legislative power is supposed to go anywhere except to the people who you, the citizens of America, election.”

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Why should ordinary Americans care about the hard left environmentalist agenda?

“The environmental agenda … has almost nothing to do with the environment.”

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Remind us what happened with the Climate-gate scandal of East Anglia University?

“We’re grateful to an unknown hand at the University of East Anglia who released … ten years of emails between two dozen nasty, poisonous scientists — malevolent scientists — who were savage in their criticism of those scientists who, like me, don’t believe that global warming is a serious problem.”

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What is the climate change scaremongering all about?

“It is about nothing less than shutting down the West.

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Has science been politicized by the hard left?

“One of the most distressing things about the global warming saga is the lack of academic rigor, the intellectual honesty and the scientific method that was once the glory of the West.”

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Discuss the motives and who is behind the “green agenda”

“This global warming scare is an attempt to establish a tyranny over the mind of man.”

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Discuss the tactics of the hard left environmentalists

“A love of nature … is something that lies very deep within all of us, and this is what the hard left are so ruthlessly and so profitably exploiting.”

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What gives you hope?

“[Three climate organizations] spent between them $3 billion, and yet they’re losing the argument.”

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What can ordinary citizens do to fight back?

“The first thing is, don’t ever give money again to the Environmental Defense Fund, Greenpeace, the Worldwide Fund, no matter how many cuddly koala bears, panda bears or penguins they show you.”

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