Update: 43 members of Congress now calling for Eric Holder’s resignation

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Several more members of Congress have joined colleagues calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s immediate resignation. The total number is now 43.

Immediately before a Tuesday press conference featuring some of those legislators, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tim Murphy confirmed to The Daily Caller that he believes it’s time for Holder to go.

New York Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle joined the choir during the news conference itself, and New Mexico Rep. Steven Pearce issued a statement for the presser demanding Holder’s resignation. Both are Republicans.

“Today, I stand with over 40 other Members of the United States Congress in calling for the resignation of United States Attorney General Eric Holder,” Buerkle said in prepared remarks. “He has failed to uphold the duties of the office of United States Attorney General and has lost public confidence.”

“The botched Operation Fast and Furious has harmed U.S. and Mexico cross-border relations,” Buerkle continued. “The administration’s failure to coordinate its efforts in combating weapons trafficking has been a glaring omission in one of our country’s greatest national security interests. It is likely to lead to a rift in the bilateral relationship with one of our closest trading partners.”

Pearce points to Holder’s May 3 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, which he said was “contradicting.”

“Attorney General Eric Holder was not forthright in his previous testimony before Congress, and continues to raise far more questions than he answers,” Pearce said in his statement. “He provided contradicting statements on what he knew and when he knew it, regarding ‘Operation Fast and Furious.’ This is not what the American people deserve. Government officials should be held accountable for their actions, and must show respect for the people as well as their position. Mr. Holder’s actions are unacceptable, and he should resign.”

UPDATE 5:43 p.m.:

Rep. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming joined the list of those calling for Holder’s immediate resignation on Tuesday afternoon, bumping the number up to 43.

“Our nation’s top law officer, Attorney General Eric Holder, continues to stonewall and refuse to cooperate in a Congressional investigation regarding his agency’s illegal gun-trafficking operation that put Americans and innocent Mexicans in harm’s way, and is now linked to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,” Lummis said in a statement. “Eric Holder’s failed leadership of the Department of Justice is a danger to Americans and a threat to those protecting our borders.”

“Americans deserve the utmost level of integrity from the Department responsible for enforcement of the law and the administration of justice,” Lummis continued. “Eric Holder should be living the standard the agency he oversees demands of all Americans; it is clear he is not. Eric Holder must be held accountable and should step down immediately.”

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