Trump: ‘Karl Rove basically is a loser’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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In response to comments from Karl Rove that candidates should skip the debate at the end of December to be moderated by Donald Trump, Trump said that in his opinion Rove was “highly overrated,” and “basically is a loser.” Rove says that  a Trump-moderated debate would trivialize the process

“I don’t think that Karl Rove is a smart person. I think he’s highly overrated,” said Trump, on a conference call about his new book. “I’ve watched Karl Rove for years. He’s a man who is only after Karl Rove, and he’s part of the problem with the Republican Party.

Rove, he said, “did such a bad job with Bush in that final period of time that no Republican could have possibly beaten Obama or any other Democrat.”

“Karl Rove is at least partially responsible,” Trump said.

“He’s totally into himself. He’s already got his little candidate picked out and he’s trying to get that candidate in” for his own personal benefit, Trump went on to say.

“I think Karl Rove basically is a loser,” he concluded.

He added that the debate was certain to get “great ratings” as a result of his being the moderator, so a lot of people would be watching the debate, and it was worth taking seriously.

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