Gowdy: Holder should resign or face impeachment

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on Friday morning that Attorney General Eric Holder “needs to go now.”

Gowdy, who has been intimately involved with the House oversight committee investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, became the 54th congressman to demand Holder’s resignation. Gowdy adds that he backs Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s suggestion “100 percent” that impeachment proceedings may be necessary to remove the attorney general from office.

Hemmer asked if the oversight committee has the power to impeach Holder. Gowdy responded, “Absolutely.”

“I hope it doesn’t get to that,” Gowdy added. “I hope he gets the message.”

“He can do it the quick way or do it the long way. What he needs to do is the honorable thing,” Gowdy said. “What leaders do is accept responsibility and leave. That’s what he needs to do.”

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Though he’s a freshman congressman, Gowdy’s call for Holder’s resignation is elevated by his role in leading the charge in investigating Operation Fast and Furious.

The 54 congressmen join two senators, four presidential candidates and two sitting governors in demanding Holder’s resignation.

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