Krauthammer rips Obama: ‘He is more like Hugo Chávez than he is Teddy Roosevelt’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In his Friday Washington Post column, Charles Krauthammer criticized the president for waging class warfare on the so-called “1 percent” and likened the brand of populism he offered in a speech last week to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez, and not Teddy Roosevelt, which the backdrop of the Kansas speech suggested was who he was attempting to mimic.

On this weekend’s broadcast of the syndicated TV show “Inside Washington,” Krauthammer elaborated on that premise.  According to the Post columnist and Fox News contributor, Barack Obama waged class warfare, but seemed to omit the three years of his own presidency that Obama used to justify such class warfare.

“Yes, he talked about how we got here,” Krauthammer said. “He gave a nice historical rundown except that he left out a critical three years – his presidency. It is as if it did not exist. It’s as if we jumped from ‘08 to today. This speech was intended to say that everything that happened the past three years has nothing to do with my administration or policies – economic stagnation, debt, high unemployment. It is the result of the malice of the rich.”

Krauthammer added that the speech was designed “to stir the erogenous zones of liberals,” which he said was done with seemingly little effort.

“He talked about that at length,” he continued. “This is a classic example of how little it takes to stir the erogenous zones of liberals. You give them a speech with social justice, a little bit of class war. You wrap up in the patina of intellectualism. Essentially, it is a speech that exonerates anything he has done an obviously not done and says all of our problems today are the result of the plutocrats. That is why he is more like Hugo Chávez than he is Teddy Roosevelt in this speech.”


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