TheDC’s Alex Pappas: Ron Paul Iowa win ‘not out of realm of possibility’ [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields Contributor
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Daily Caller senior reporter Alex Pappas said Texas Rep. Ron Paul has a surprisingly good chance of winning the Iowa caucuses.

Pappas, who was on the ground in Iowa covering the Republican presidential race last week, said, “One of the things that probably shocked me the most was how well Ron Paul can do.”

“It’s not out of the realm of possibility that somebody like Ron Paul can surprise watchers,” he added. “Ron Paul can really turn some heads that night.”

“Newt may have the energy and he may be rising in the polls right now,” Pappas continued, “but people in Iowa … what they’re talking about is the organization, the volunteers on the ground, your people that are making phone calls to caucus goers. … Ron Paul has that. … Newt Gingrich is just now starting to put this together.”

Pappas had the opportunity to see Gingrich’s Iowa campaign organization in its infancy.

“When I first got to Iowa last week, they were waiting on a shipment of phones to come in because they didn’t even have phones for volunteers to be making these phone calls” Pappas said.


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Pappas also said there is talk in Iowa about the possibility that independents and Democrats will register as Republicans so they can vote for Ron Paul.

“In the caucuses, you can register the day of, as a Republican, and go in. There is talk that perhaps even independents — or maybe even liberals who like Ron Paul — can register to go vote because they want to see him do well.”

Videography by Direna Cousins and Grae Stafford

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