Morris: Ron Paul is ‘the most liberal, radical, left-wing person to run for president’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Ron Paul’s likely strong showing in next week’s Iowa caucus is causing him to take fire from all sides. The latest: Former adviser to Bill Clinton, Fox News Channel’s Dick Morris.

Morris, in an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday, was asked by fill-in host Eric Bolling what he made of Paul’s rise. Morris’ reaction was one of extreme disappointment and caution.

“I think it’s horrible,” Morris replied. “I think that he is absolutely the most liberal, radical, left-wing person to run for president in the United States in the last 50 years. Nobody else wants to dismantle the military, including Obama, but he does. Even Obama doesn’t want to repeal the Patriot Act. But he does. Even Obama doesn’t say that we caused 9/11 and brought it on ourselves. But Ron Paul does. Even Obama doesn’t want to legalize heroin and cocaine, but Ron Paul does. This guy is no conservative. This guy is an ultra, ultra-left-wing radical.”

Morris said a vote for Paul is the same as a vote for incumbent President Barack Obama because Paul could not win as the nominee.

“I pray that he doesn’t,” Morris said. “I pray the voters of Iowa recover their senses. Anybody that votes for Ron Paul might as well vote for Obama. There is nobody with any ounce of political sense that believes Ron Paul can defeat Barack Obama.”


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