Rush on how to fix Detroit: ‘Get rid of every liberal in government’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In an appearance on Fox News Channel aired on Thursday night’s “On the Record with Greta Van Sustren,” conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh explained, in no uncertain terms, how to fix Detroit, where unemployment and poverty are rampant. His solution: End liberalism.

“Get rid of every liberal in government,” he said. “What is the one constant in Detroit, all of these years? Been run by liberals. Liberal ideology. Liberal economics. Liberal belief system. Detroit, other places: A microcosm of where Europe is, and where we are headed — unchecked, unstopped liberalism. For those of you who like the Democrat Party, that’s where we are headed. There hasn’t been any opposition there, not of any strength or power. Take a look. That’s the one thing that is constant. It was the same thing in New Orleans, post-Katrina. What’s the one thing that was constant there? All run by liberals. All run by Democrats.”


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He also cited California where liberalism in government has failed as well, and tax policy feeds the belief that government can do more for the individual than the individual can on his own.

“You can ask me what is happening to California?” he continued. “All liberal all the time. Tax rates out the wazoo. Twelve percent, state on top of federal, taxing the rich even more. People are leaving for Idaho, start businesses elsewhere. Problem is liberalism. Now people watching say, ‘That’s too simplistic.’ It’s really not — it’s right, it’s correct. That’s the one constant. The belief that government can do better for everybody than individuals can do for themselves. The belief that individuals are inherently corrupt and government is angelic. And so government will take care of the individual corruption by somehow making sure that everybody’s equal and has the same. But government doesn’t know how to produce anything.”

Limbaugh said the role of government is spelled out in the Constitution, which has been an impediment for the more liberal leaders of the United States, including Obama and former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“Government [is] spelled out, ideally and flawlessly and perfectly in the Constitution,” he said. “The first 10 amendments limit what government can do. And FDR and Obama have both said that that’s a big obstacle.”

One such example of the current administration trying to circumvent the Constitution, Limbaugh said, was the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal, an effort to get around the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right for citizens “keep and bear arms.”

“Fast and furious – I am sure you and your audience – you know what that was about? And the emails now prove it. Obama doesn’t have the votes. The American people like the Second Amendment. The Democratic Party has lost the argument, intellectually. So let’s get guns from Arizona gun shops into the hands of drug cartels and wipe people out and spread the news that the guns came from America, which Obama did — he went to Mexico and had conservation with [Mexican President Felipe] Calderón. Those guns came from America. We are supposed to be outraged. We’re supposed to then sign on to gun control. This was an effort around the Second Amendment. That’s what Fast and Furious is, or was.”

Limbaugh also explained why he thinks the country is what it is today — a freedom that allows people to pursue their own self-interests, which has not existed before in world history.

“I am amazed,” he said. “I am in awe. This country is less than 250 years old, smaller than 300 million people. And there are countries and populations that have been around thousands of years. And yet, we are a super power. And our DNA’s no different than anybody in Europe or Asia. We are not better people. We are not created specially, differently, more blessed, smarter, whatever. How did this happen? It has to be freedom, our founding documents. It has to be the notion that this nation’s built on self-reliance in the pursuit of excellence, be the best you can be and you bring everybody in your family and your neighborhood right along with you when that happens.”

But according to Limbaugh, the current president wants to criminalize one of the components of the American system.

“But now that’s a crime. Democrat Party — that’s a crime,” he continued. “Obama said, ‘This business, taking care of yourself, we can’t have that. Looking out for yourself — that doesn’t work. Never has worked.’ Well, it has. It works better than anything else, including anything he has tried.”

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