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“Let them eat candy corn”

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Ain’t no party like an Obama party ’cause an Obama party is kept from the public to avoid embarrassing the administration!

New York Post:

A White House “Alice in Wonderland” costume ball — put on by Johnny Depp and Hollywood director Tim Burton — proved to be a Mad-as-a-Hatter idea that was never made public for fear of a political backlash during hard economic times, according to a new tell-all.

“The Obamas,” by New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor, tells of the first Halloween party the first couple feted at the White House in 2009. It was so over the top that “Star Wars” creator George Lucas sent the original Chewbacca to mingle with invited guests.

The book reveals how any official announcement of the glittering affair — coming at a time when Tea Party activists and voters furious over the lagging economy, 10-percent unemployment rate, bank bailouts and Obama’s health-care plan were staging protests — quickly vanished down the rabbit hole.

“White House officials were so nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans — or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care — that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged,” the book says.

However, the White House made certain that more humble Halloween festivities earlier that day — for thousands of Washington-area schoolkids — were well reported by the press corps.

Of course, the White House is now protesting that the event wasn’t a secret, even though it took more than two years for you to hear about it, because at the time it was mentioned at… JohnnyDeppNews.com.

The Republicans are the party of the rich, which is why the Democrats have to throw lavish, celebrity-strewn parties at taxpayer expense and then cover them up. It makes sense until you think about it. But whatever you do, don’t follow my example and compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette. That’s racist.

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Jay Carney: Then why were there pictures of Johnny Depp instantly available?
Reporter: Where?

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