Despite third place finish, Huntsman vows to stay in race

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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MANCHESTER, N.H. — After finishing in third place in the New Hampshire primary, Jon Huntsman entered his election night party Tuesday to U2’s song “Beautiful Day.”

But it wasn’t the beautiful day Huntsman imagined when he left his job as ambassador to China last year amid much buzz and entered the Republican race for president. It was a good enough finish, though, he said. (RELATED: Full coverage of Jon Huntsman’s campaign)

Huntsman was optimistic as he told his supporters at this Manchester bar where the party was held that “we’re on the hunt” and vowed to continue his campaign in South Carolina.

“I’d say third place is a ticket to ride,” Huntsman said in front of a blue backdrop that said the phrase “Country First.”

For most of the night here at Huntsman’s election night party, the former Utah governor’s supporters kept sipping their drinks at the Black Brimmer bar even when the TVs with CNN showed Romney winning the primary and Texas Rep. Ron Paul finishing second.

Huntsman spent more time than any major candidate in New Hampshire, opting to skip the Iowa caucuses.


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