The Fraud of Iowa strikes again

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Forget Iowa: This is not the first time the Iowans have botched the count in their caucuses. … Let’s see: They run an 1) unrepresentative non-primary 2) controlled by small numbers of each parties’ more extreme elements 3) with proven record of bad judgment** and 4) they can’t even count the votes. … Stop them now, before they kill again. …

Update: John Nichols in The Nation fleshes out the indictment. One point of disagreement: Nichols says, “There is nothing wrong with Iowa going first.” Yes there is! They’ve  blown their chance at going first. Let some other state give it a try.


**–In 2008, for example, Iowa Dems picked John Kerry and John Edwards over Richard Gephardt and Howard Dean. In retrospect, exactly wrong, no?

Mickey Kaus