Disgraced millionaire typing teacher collects $100k a year from NYC

Christopher Bedford Senior Editor, The Daily Caller
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Alan Rosenfeld — a 66-year-old disgraced typing teacher — hasn’t taught since he was accused of making  inappropriate comments and leering at 8th grade girls in 2001, but still collects $100,049 a year from the city, the New York Post reports.

Rosenfeld, a millionaire businessman and attorney, could have retired at 62 but, a friend told the Post, “It’s an F-U” to the school system. And every year he stays onboard, his $85,400 yearly pension grows by another $1,700.

His case is one of seven in the New York City Department of Education, where teachers the department can’t fire are “rubber-roomed” — essentially meaning they don’t do any real work but keep getting paid.

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