Courtney Love probably killed her daughter’s pets

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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There isn’t anything shocking left for Courtney Love to do anymore. Except maybe kill her daughter’s pets.

In a sworn deposition in support of a restraining order against her mother, Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Love and the late Kurt Cobain, says: “[Love] has taken drugs for as long as I can remember. She basically exists now on … Xanax, Adderall, Sonata and Abilify, sugar and cigarettes.”

Love’s diet is far from shocking.

But the deposition, obtained by The Fix, also says that Love killed Frances’ cat by suffocating it in a pile of fabric, paperwork, trash and other junk. Her dog died by eating some medley of Love’s pills.

Frances made a strong case for the restraining order by saying: “She often falls asleep in her bed while she is smoking, and I am constantly worried that she will start a fire (which she has done at least three times) that will threaten our lives.”

The deposition also says that Love drove her daughter to a boyfriend’s home in the middle of the night, threatened to burn it down and threatened to jump off a balcony in front of her.

Frances sought the restraining order that prevented Love from contacting Frances, Frances’ grandmother and aunt, and most importantly, her dog, Uncle Fester.

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