IRS to Sean Kingston: Pay up

Alex Myers Contributor
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The IRS doesn’t want to hear your sob story, they just want their money. This especially goes for rapper Sean Kingston, who TMZ reports owes the Man $131,379.51.

Kingston, who was in a jet skiing accident last year in Miami, owes his taxes for the money he made in 2009.

That year, he released his second studio album, “Tomorrow.”

Kingston has just finished his national tour to support his new album, “Back 2 Life” and has moved into a massive Hollywood Hills mansion, according to Ace Show Biz.

The money he used to purchase the mansion could have gone to the IRS, but instead the feds were forced to put a lien on his house.

“We have made a demand for payment,” they said, so if he doesn’t pay up they can take his property.

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