The Rock: ‘I can become president’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking up next?

He has been a wrestler, an action hero and the tooth fairy. Now, he thinks we could add President of the United States to the epithets in front of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first name.

In an interview with Moviefone, Johnson explains how he found out about Osama bin Laden’s death, and his political aspirations.

Somehow, the wrester-turned-actor was inexplicably one of the first people to tweet about bin Laden’s death. Two hours before the President Obama’s speech announcing the SEAL Team 6 victory, Johnson tweeted: “Just got word that will shock the world — Land of the free…home of the brave DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.”

Johnson sort of shares how he got the news:

I tell you that, I won’t have to “kill” you, but I’ll have to behead you — no, I got my sources. I got friends in high places and low places. It was a very interesting day; I’m proud of our country and proud to be American. The individuals who were there were proud to let me know.

Johnson also reveals his quasi-serious political aspirations, saying he is qualified to occupy the Oval Office after playing the president on an episode of Saturday Night Live. The “Tooth Fairy” actor said:

“One day, and that day will come, I can impact the world through politics,” he said. “The great news is that I am American, therefore I can become President. But don’t forget: I am G.I. Joe.”

But before he can run for president, he has to be in a few more WrestleManias and a couple of Michael Bay movies.

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