Note to MSM: Boost Newt Now!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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From Media Central–All Member Action Alert: We need to give Gingrich another boost–immediately.  He’s dragging along at under 15% in national polls. If we want a brokered GOP convention–and we do–we can’t let this thing become a two-way race between Romney and Santorum. A two way race means it’s highly likely that one of the two will get 51% of the delegates, as Sean Trende points out.  The plan clearly calls for three (3) semi-strong candidates splitting the pie. Yet Gingrich is now doing so badly he’s on the verge of becoming a non-factor. He might even lose Georgia on Super Tuesday. Pump him up stat or prepare to be bored in Tampa. … Take-away: Let him have another magical put-down moment at the February 22 CNN debate in Arizona.  Flatfooted questioning by an earnest moralistic reporter will be needed to provide the requisite foil. This is no time to take chances. Is it too late to get Soledad O’Brien? She could defend contraception and abortion as a “women’s issue.” Maybe even quote Nancy Pelosi. Hanging curve.  Then get the B-matter on Christie and Jeb ready. …

Mickey Kaus