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Dennis Kucinich is looking forward to spending more time annoying Fred Flintstone

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And that’s pretty much the extent of my interest in Dennis Kucinich. But it’s a good opportunity to send you over to a brand-new site from Michelle Malkin called Twitchy.com. I’ll let her describe it:

Twitchy is a ground-breaking Twitter curation site powered by a kinetic staff of social media junkies. We mine Twitter to bring you “who said what” in U.S. politics, global news, sports, entertainment, media, and breaking news 24/7. If it’s news, we’re on it. If it should be news, we’re ahead of it. Get Twitchy and stay connected to our twire — the news wire of the 21st century.

This is a great idea, especially if you find Twitter bewildering and overwhelming, and you wish there were some way to filter out all the dross and nonsense (like @jtLOL) to find the good stuff. Hell, I find Twitter bewildering and overwhelming, and I’m on it constantly. Which would explain the twitch under my eye… Oh, I get it. Twitchy! Okay, that works.

Anyway. Go read “Buh-bye: 10 Kucinich defeat tweets.”

P.S. Here you go, Mom: “Granny’s Guide to Twitter.”

P.P.S. Cleveland’s loss is CNN’s gain. They just announced a new primetime show with co-hosts Anthony Weiner and Dennis Kucinich. Weeknights this fall: Weiner & Nuts.