Michelle Malkin start-up to advertise with Rush Limbaugh

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh has taken plenty of heat from advertisers since his comments last week about to self-proclaimed contraception activist Sandra Fluke, but at least one female advertiser isn’t backing away from his radio show.

Internet entrepreneur and conservative pundit Michelle Malkin announced on Friday that her new website Twitchy.com would be advertising on Limbaugh’s website.

“As a small business owner, defender of capitalism, and advocate of free speech, I am putting my money where my conservative, free-market principles are. TWITCHY.COM is proud to join companies across the country that advertise with talk show giant Rush Limbaugh and his Excellence In Broadcasting network. Today, we will begin running ads on the RushLimbaugh.com website,” Malkin said in a release.

Twitchy.com is described as “a Twitter curation site” and that mines “Twitter to bring you ‘who said what’ in U.S. politics, global news, sports, entertainment, media, and breaking news 24/7,” according to the site.

But Malkin downplayed the controversy over Limbaugh’s Fluke remarks, explaining that this was business as usual for Limbaugh’s opponents.

“Double standards and feigned outrage about Rush’s comments fit a decades-old pattern of liberal attempts to shut down his show and silence his voice,” Malkin said. “President Obama himself explicitly attacked Rush in 2009 at the very start of his presidency. But Limbaugh not only has survived countless protests, boycotts, media smears and political attempts to kick him off the airwaves. He has emerged each time with a higher profile, greater influence, and a strengthened hand.”

Malkin has faced her own share of similar attacks from male opponents. In 2009, then-MSNBC “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann, now with Al Gore’s Current TV, likened Malkin to a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.” This week, a year and a half later, Olbermann apologized for the remarks on his Current TV show and suspended his “Worst Persons in the World” segment.

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