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Obama 2012: Yes We Can Be Bought

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If you still doubt that this administration holds you in utter contempt, just read the following from The Hill:

Bill Burton, the head of the super-PAC supporting President Obama’s reelection effort, said Thursday that while some of comedian Bill Maher’s comments “were vulgar and inappropriate” he did not believe they were similar in tone to controversial statements last week by radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” recently announced a $1 million donation to the Priorities USA group helmed by Burton. But conservatives have argued the group should return the donation because some of the comedian’s past statements have been as controversial as remarks made by Limbaugh and denounced by the president and leading Democrats…

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked Burton, a former Obama campaign press secretary, if that was a double standard, a charge Burton deflected by arguing that Maher was a comedian, not a political commentator.

“First of all, obviously, some of those things were vulgar and inappropriate and said over the course of years of a comedian’s life. It’s not language I would use or language we would use at Priorities USA,” Burton said. “But the notion that there is an equivalence between what a comedian has said over the course of his career and what the de facto leader of the Republican Party said to sexually degrade a woman who led in a political debate of our time, is crazy.”

“There’s no just similarity about what Rush Limbaugh said, lying about the argument that Ms. Fluke was making — a law student at Georgetown — and what a comedian has said in the past,” he added.

In other words: “What Bill Maher said was different because HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THIS CHECK???

Guess they’re not really trying to shut Limbaugh up after all. It’s a shakedown. All he needs to do is cough up a million bucks and they’ll let him say whatever he wants. They’re really being clever and subtle about it, too: “That’s a nice Amendment ya got there. Hey, I see here that it’s your First. Well well well, ain’t that nice? Sure would be a shame if somethin’… happened to it.”

Burton is @billburton716 on Twitter, if you want to congratulate him on a job well done. Why is he #716? The first 715 clones kept failing because they had a conscience.

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