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What did Bill Maher say that was so misogynist, anyway?

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Talk about a game change.

P.S. Kirsten Powers: Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny. “The uproar over Limbaugh is only because it fits into the Democratic narrative that the GOP is ‘anti-woman.’ It’s Democratic Party activism dressed up as feminism.”

P.P.S. Jennifer Rubin: Limbaugh attack boomerangs on the White House. “The White House and its allies set the standard — condemn, distance, disassociate — with misogynistic entertainers. Now the president is stuck with it… The White House, I am quite certain, never expected this issue to come back to bite the president and his campaign… Call it the legacy of Andrew Breitbart: The left needs to abide by the same rules it sets for its opponents.” Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. Who was it who said that? Can’t recall offhand…

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