Romney attacks Obama for going to Harvard, Romney’s alma mater

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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For someone who was smart enough to get into Harvard University for a joint JD/MBA program, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sometimes seems to have an awfully hard time remembering things, like the fact that he studied at Harvard.

Romney told supporters at his Pennsylvania campaign headquarters Thursday that President Barack Obama “spent too much time at Harvard,” portraying his opponent as an elitist intellectual too far removed from the wants and needs of ordinary Americans, New York magazine reports.

Of course, Romney actually spent more time at Harvard than Obama. He spent four years there getting his two degrees, one year longer than Obama spent there in law school. New York magazine points out that three of Romney’s sons also attended the Ivy League university for business school.

Romney has attacked his graduate school before, regularly mocking beliefs he said were likely concocted “in that Harvard faculty lounge.”

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