George Clooney is so rich, he forgot how much money he gave Obama

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor

George Clooney, an avid supporter of the president, is so wealthy that he forgot how much money he donated to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Clooney donated $5,000 more than the legal limit for an individual giving to one candidate, according to campaign finance laws.

BuzzFeed reports:

Clooney maxed out to the Joint Obama Victory Fund, which splits the money between the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee, with a $35,800 donation last April. But Clooney attempted to give another $5,000 earlier this year, according to the campaign, which was flagged by Chicago’s team of vetters, and returned in February.

This comes on the heels of news that the Oscar-nominated actor will host a $40,000 per ticket fundraiser for Obama in May at his Los Angeles home, Entertainment Weekly reports. Just 150 tickets are being sold, bringing the fundraiser to a staggering total of $6 million.

The funds will go to the Obama Victory Fund.

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