Christie falls asleep at Springsteen concert

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie has seen Bruce Springsteen perform live over 127 times — maybe that’s why he fell asleep at the Boss’ concert Tuesday night.

A New York Post reader sent the paper a snapshot of the New Jersey governor “resting his head in his hand,” apparently taking a nap, at the Madison Square Garden concert.

Another fan told the Post that, until he was caught napping, Christie “was very active during the show. Bruce started talking about ‘supporting food banks in New York and New Jersey,’ and ‘how people have been hit hard,’ and Christie was riveted. Then Bruce performed ‘Rocky Ground,’ and Christie visibly started fading.”

One concert-goer who noticed Christie taking a snooze apparently yelled at him to “wake up, governor,” which a New York Post source said “put Christie’s security detail momentarily ‘on edge.’”

A spokesman for Christie, speaking to the Post, refuted that characterization. (SEE ALSO: Christie asks Springsteen to support ‘Jersey comeback,’ perform at new resort)

Last month, Christie, whose political positions are on the opposite end of the spectrum from Springsteen, nonetheless remains a fan. In a public appearance last month, he said, “I don’t take that stuff personally.”

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