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Who’s been talking about a #WarOnWomen, anyway?

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Courtesy of frequent Trawler commenter PartymanRandy, who is a man and who likes to make videos:

Remember, this is a “smear.” Pointing out the things Democrats have said, when they lie about having said them, is a “smear.” Just like it’s a “smear” to refer to Hilary “Shut Up, You Housewife” Rosen as an Obama advisor, no matter how many times she’s been to the White House in an advisory capacity over the last three years. She has absolutely no connection whatsoever to Obama and the Democrats, because such facts are now politically inconvenient.

The Dems launched this silly “War on Women” campaign — good work, George Stephanopoulos! — and it was so fragile, so shaky, that all it took to blow it up was one very well-connected lefty going on one little-watched news network and saying what the rest of her comrades really think. Maybe Rosen’s next gig will be designing missiles for North Korea.

Update: According to Biden yesterday, “the war on women is real.” Hey, he just works there, nobody ever tells him anything.

Update: David Axelrod to CNN’s John King: Rosen is “your employee, not ours.” Throwing her under the bus won’t make us forget how long she rode on it, David. But it’s still fun to watch!

Update: As for the thinking behind the attack on Ann Romney, an Ace of Spades commenter named “Dave in Fla” just nailed it:

This was a huge own goal by the Obama campaign. They’ve been working on this strategy for a few weeks, planning to neutralize someone they think gives Romney a tactical advantage.

This smells like an Axelrod idea.

The problem they have is they have no core base of beliefs to run on. Everything is tactical and they have no strategic vision. This kind of thing ends up blowing up in their faces. It looks on paper like a cute move, then once they pull the trigger, it blows up, because a lot of people out there DO have core beliefs that a mother raising 5 children is one of the highest goals a woman can aspire to.

They were trying to shore up their single women voters, who they’ve been worried about since January (because a lot of them are young fresh out of college, and un/under employed). This was another attempt and it backfired on them.

Update: If anyone can speak to the problems of poor working women, it’s a lobbyist who earned millions for destroying Napster.

Update: Available now from the Democratic National Headquarters

Whoops. Quick, peel that off the bumper of your Prius!