Marie Osmond: ‘I’d rather have food poisoning’ than endorse Obama or Romney [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Actress and singer Marie Osmond told The Daily Caller that she would “rather have food poisoning” than publicly endorse President Barack Obama or GOP frontrunner former Governor Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election.

Osmond, who like Romney is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said she does not “do politics.”

“No, I think I’d rather have food poisoning. I don’t do politics, thank you, but you can vote for me,” she told TheDC after the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington on April 14.

When asked if she would run for office, Osmond replied, “Are you going to invite me to?

She added, “I think you should run is what you should do.”

“You’re gutsy to ask questions,” she told TheDC off camera.

Osmond also explained why she came to Washington for the Cherry Blossom festival.

“My Dad served in World War II so when they called me up and asked me to be here I said yeah and it’s a beautiful time to be here and we’re just having a great time,” she said.

TheDC also asked her if she would be meeting with President Obama.

“No, I don’t do politics, but we come in we bring — I’m one of the founders of Children’s Miracle Network and so our children come in every year to meet every president. He was terrific last year. He let them play on his kids’ playground set and everything else. It was wonderful,” she said.

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