Jon Lovitz doubles down on Obama is a ‘f**king a**hole’ comments

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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In a series of tweets Sunday, former Saturday Night Live comedian Jon Lovitz defended comments he made on his podcast last week, in which he called President Obama a “fucking asshole.” (RELATED: SNL alum on Obama: What a fucking asshole)

He tweeted: “Because I criticized the President, it’s news? Last I checked, he’s President, not King! This is America! Freedom of Speech. what’s the [big fucking deal]?”

In the “ABC’s of SNL” podcast that was recorded in January, but appeared on iTunes last week, Lovitz criticized the president for his class warfare rhetoric. The comedian, who voted for Obama in 2008, said that the notion that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes is “bullshit.”

“This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is fucking bullshit, and I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat. What a fucking asshole,” Lovitz said during an interview with “Clerks” director Kevin Smith.

The comments received a great amount of media attention, and some blasted Lovitz for his comments. But Lovitz defended himself from the all-important Twitter critics over the weekend.

He tweeted, “excuse me… the President is lying… I just pointed it out. It’s not my fault he’s lying.”

In response to tweets that suggestsed Lovitz made the comments to get higher ratings and attention, he pointed out that he blasted President George W. Bush in the past, and that his comments were made on a comedic podcast.

Lovitz wrote, “Have you seen my stand up act? I make fun of myself, religions, celebrities, politics, gays, racism, men, women,.. it’s comedy!”

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