TheDC Morning: The Warren Indian story keeps truckin’ on

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) The Warren Indian story keeps truckin’ on — It appears that Elizabeth Warren was considered a minority professor at more universities than just Harvard, reports TheDC’s Will Rahn:

“Harvard University may not be the only school that thought Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was a Native American. In 1994, one year before she joined the faculty at Harvard, Warren won the prestigious Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was teaching at the time. Eleven years later, the Minority Equity Committee of the University of Pennsylvania published a report that listed every winner of the award since 1991 and highlighted the names of minority recipients — including Elizabeth Warren’s.”

2.) Rubio rockin’ —  Marco Rubio seeks to be a work horse, not just a show horse, Michael Volpe reports for TheDC:

“Rising political superstar Marco Rubio courted three high profile Hispanic Democratic lawmakers last month in an attempt to gain support for his alternative DREAM Act proposal, legislation which his spokesman told The Daily Caller would include a path to permanent residency and citizenship for some illegal immigrants. Rubio met in late April with Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Texas Rep. Charles Gonzalez and New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, all Democrats.”

But will he remain Sen. Rubio? Or will he soon be vice presidential candidate Rubio?

3.) Holder’s Legacy — Darrell Issa has a prophecy about Eric Holder, reports TheDC’s Matthew Boyle:

“House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa shot back at Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday, saying the DOJ’s recent claims that Holder has complied with Operation Fast and Furious subpoenas are ‘disappointing.’ Issa called a May 3 letter from Deputy Attorney General James Cole claiming that Holder has complied with the subpoenas ‘regurgitated misleading numbers and irrelevant internal memoranda disguised as legal opinions to make the case that the department has cooperated with the committee’s investigation.’ … ‘In contrast, when faced with the Fast and Furious scandal, the Department of Justice battened down the hatches and began developing a public relations strategy,’ Issa wrote to Holder. ‘The Fast and Furious scandal will be your legacy as attorney general.’”

4.) Inquiring minds want to know — The Washington Post had a news making story about how Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a student while in high school. It’s unclear how relevant some high school mean spiritedness has to do with today’s presidential election. In any case, TheDC’s Matt Lewis noticed an odd discrepancy in WaPo’s tale:

“A question emerges in reading the Washington Post piece on Mitt Romney today: How can Romney’s old pal Stu White tell the Washington Post that he has ‘long been bothered by the Lauber incident’ — and then later admit to ABC News that he was ‘not present for the prank‘ and ‘was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the Washington Post’?”

Of course, that doesn’t mean the story is wrong. But the discrepancy should be explained.

5.) Poll of the Day: Romney, Obama neck and neck in Ohio — Quinnipiac University poll of Ohio: President Obama 45%, Mitt Romney 44%.

6.) Tweet of Yesterday — Charlie SheenWoke up this morning and Mexico was calling my name! Do I get a plane and head to Cabo..? Or… Do I just grab a couple tacos and chill?

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