Mark Levin rails against Romney camp for avoiding Rev. Wright issue

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Yesterday it was reported by Guy Benson at Townhall.com that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee, did something he was reluctant to do during his primary fight: He “repudiated” the efforts of a political action committee to attack one of his opponents.

The efforts in question come from a New York Times report that this PAC was planning to attack Obama for his relationship with controversial pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Romney’s decision to reject the potential strategy upset some conservatives, especially radio show host Mark Levin, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.”

On his Thursday radio show, Levin suggested highlighting Rev. Wright was being “repudiated” because it would be interpreted as racist.

“In the next six months, this campaign, or however long it goes — listen to me, but don’t listen to me,” Levin said. “Don’t bring up Rev. Wright, because the Obama campaign says if you bring up says if you bring that up. It’s racist. Don’t bring up Rev. Wright.”

But that, according to Levin, would be a mistake because it would give insight into Obama’s character. But it is also inconsistent with Romney’s efforts in the past, Levin said.

“Why would you take any issue off the table, particularly issues that give us a look into this man’s character?” Levin said. “And Rev. Wright helps us do that, among other things. I mean, I can’t believe — this would be the same Mitt Romney who spent tens of millions of dollars trashing his opponents in the Republican primary, trashing Newt Gingrich in Florida and elsewhere, trashing Rick Santorum wherever he could get to him — just viciously smearing these guys.”

Levin reminded listeners that he had predicted this might happen, back during the heat of the GOP primary fight.

“[W]e have a new rule in place,” he said. “I told you we would. I told you this is exactly what would happen: Endless carpet bombing against Gingrich and Santorum, as he did against Giuliani and others, but now we’re running against Obama. ‘Pull back, tie our arm behind the back. We’ll run tough ads, just that this is off the table. Don’t anybody mention Rev. Wright. No, you’re not allowed to do that. No, because that would be racist.’”

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