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And now, a long-distance dedication to Elizabeth Warren

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Time to reach into the ol’ mailbag… Ah, here we go.

Dear Treach,

What they’re doing to Elizabeth Warren is awful. They keep asking her questions she doesn’t want to answer, even though she doesn’t want to answer them. And now some Cherokees are demanding to know why she claims to be one of them. I can’t imagine what she must be feeling in the face of such betrayal. Could you please play “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere & The Raiders?

We’re with you, Elizabeth!

Sue D. Nym

You bet, Sue. Here’s your long-distance dedication. This went all the way to #1 back in ’71, and it’s still #1 in our hearts. This one’s for you, Liz!

Update: Warren tells Cherokees to get off her back. Somehow I don’t think this is going to work.

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Jim Treacher