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Not All Muslims behead woman, throw her head off roof in front of her children

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With the latest in a string of completely unrelated incidents, here’s the NYDN:

A 32-year-old man confessed to beheading his wife and flinging her head off the roof of their Berlin building while their six children were home — and he doesn’t seem to regret it.

When Orhan Sircasi described the grisly deed to police in a detailed confession Tuesday, he said he “regretted nothing,” an investigator told Der Tagesspiegel.

Ohran Sircasi admitted to killing his wife Semanur Sircasi, 30, on the rooftop terrace of their apartment building in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood early Monday, the newspaper reported. The children were in the family apartment, which has windows looking onto the terrace…

Neighbors called the police after hearing a violent argument coming from the terrace around 1 a.m., and watched in horror as the man stabbed his wife in the chest, cried “Allahu Akbar Sheytan” (“God is great, you Devil”), and severed her head from her body, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau.

If only there were some way to determine a motive. But we will never know.

Are you paying attention? I said: We will never know.

Shut up.

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