Someone’s mama was so fat she exploded in a crematorium

Hal Libby Contributor
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A morbidly obese woman’s corpse caused a crematorium in Austria to burst into flames, The Daily Mail reports.

Due to the woman’s substantial mass of body fat, the oven overheated, sparking a fire in the filter reaching upward of 570 degrees Fahrenheit. The fire grew and was soon out of control. 

As thick black smoke poured out of the building, firemen arrived to combat the flames. They succeeded in preventing the fire from spreading.

The firemen may have bested the fire, but the episode left its mark. 

A nauseating blanket of scorched grease coated the firemen’s suits and the special breathing systems each man had to wear.

The woman reportedly weighed around 440 lbs.

The fire has sparked discussion of weight limits for cremation in Austria.

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