Prosecutors: Norwegian mass-murderer played World of Warcraft seven hours a day

Gage Smith Contributor
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According to Norwegian prosecutors, Anders Breivik, who confessed to killing 77 people last summer, played the video game World of Warcraft for nearly seven hours a day, ABC News reports.

Breivik made international headlines in 2011 when he bombed government buildings in Oslo, killing eight people. He then traveled to the island of Utøya and began a shooting rampage at a Norway Labour Party summer camp, killing 69, most of whom were teenagers.

According to ABC News, prosecutors estimate that Breivik played an average of six hours and 50 minutes of the game on a daily basis, and his activity was especially high in the time between November 2010 and February 2011.

A witness for the prosecution testified that he sometimes played up to 16 hours a day, and said he would not be surprised if Breivik did the same, The Washington Post reports.

Prosecutors say that Breivik played under the code names “Andersnordic” and “Conservatism” and frequented the game’s message boards. In 2008, under the name “Andersnordic,” he wrote on a discussion board that the game would “hear from my lawyers” for making him “300kg, bald and pale.”

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, an anthropologist and witness for the defense, said that Breivik played so frequently that he seems to be unable to distinguished the game world from reality.