Ralph Nader: Bill Clinton ‘laying the groundwork’ for Hillary by ‘undermining Obama’

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader told The Daily Caller that former President Bill Clinton is “undermining [President Barack] Obama” to lay the “groundwork” for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2016.

Clinton recently told CNN that Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s business record at Bain Capital is “sterling.” TheDC asked Nader if he agreed with Clinton’s statement.

“He’s laying down the groundwork for Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016. Everything she is doing and everything he is doing argues that they want to run Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, so while he might appear with Obama in fundraisers in New York and elsewhere, he’s basically undermining Obama,” Nader told TheDC on Capitol Hill after advocating for raising the minimum wage to $10 per hour.

Nader added that Clinton does not “necessarily” want Obama to lose re-election but doesn’t want the Clintons to be viewed as anti-business.

“He wants to appear with Hillary as very friendly to business. He operates out of New York City. He doesn’t want to alienate Wall Street,” Nader said.

TheDC also asked Nader whom he thinks will win the upcoming presidential election.

“Former Gov. Romney is a human being running as a corporation for president. So, we’ve really got a corporation running for the Republican party and if the Democrats can’t expose him for what he and his party are, then they basically have nothing left in terms of their party heritage and what they stood for decades ago, which is the winning formula for Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” Nader said. (VIDEO: Clinton: Romney is qualified for the presidency)

“The Democratic Party was viewed as the party of the working people, and the Republican Party was viewed as the party of the rich, and Roosevelt and Truman rode that to election after election win.”

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