Elizabeth Warren says family was middle class because they spoke ‘good English’

Alex Pappas | Political Reporter

This won’t help Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren fight the narrative in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race that she’s an elitist liberal.

In a 2008 video on YouTube called “Conversations with History: Elizabeth Warren,” the Democratic candidate said her family viewed themselves as part of the middle class because they — unlike others during the Great Depression era — “used good English.”

“They didn’t say ‘ain’t,’” Warren told interviewer Harry Kreisler while discussing how her parents “always saw themselves as middle class people.”

Warren is challenging Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who has made a point of criticizing the Harvard law professor for her “elitist attitude.” 

In recent weeks, Warren has suffered a series of setbacks related to her claims during her legal career that she was descended from Native Americans.

But the race remains tight: a June poll shows Brown ahead of Warren 39 percent to 37 percent.

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