NBC chief medical editor asks is Burger King’s bacon sundae ‘anti-Semitic?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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This latest dessert creation from Burger King has food police-types all up-in-arms: a 510-calorie, bacon-infused sundae.

And if you’re looking for outrage, you needed to look no further than MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” On Wednesday, co-host Mika Brzezinski, a chronic anti-unhealthy food activist, and NBC chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman sneered at the second-largest hamburger chain’s dessert invention.

WILLIE GEIST: This is from Burger King, just out. I don’t know if you’ve seen this —
SNYDERMAN: If I do this, do I become a Republican?
BRZEZINSKI: Something like that.
GEIST: It’s a I sundae with bacon in it.
SNYDERMAN: Yeah, I was watching you guys earlier.
BRZEZINSKI:  What is that?
GEIST: Let’s talk about the positive. What is the upside?
BRZEZINSKI: What idiot thinks this —

Appearing with Snyderman on the program was bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel, who was to promote their upcoming “Rock Center” appearance on NBC. He had a little to say about the bacon sundae, other than it defied the tenets of Orthodox Judaism.

“I have to say, I have no idea what the upside is,” Emanuel said. “All I can say is Orthodox Jews don’t allow you to mix milk and meat. So I assume that’s one of the reasons they don’t permit it.”

That led Snyderman to ask if perhaps the dessert was anti-Semitic.

“I’m sorry — does that make this an anti-Semitic dessert?” Snyderman asked. “I think every good Jew should go out there and protest.”

Whether or not she was joking, that was the second controversial, or almost-controversial, remark she has made in recent days. On Friday’s “Today” on NBC, Snyderman said it was “pro-science” to abort fetuses with genetic defects.

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