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Young Republican somehow manages to outwit Touré

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If you don’t know who Touré is, you must not watch MSNBC. Which is just further proof that you’re not as cool as Touré. He’s a really smart guy who understands that everything you and I think, say, and do is because of racism. (Including the preceding sentence!) He’s so smart, in fact, that yesterday something wonderful happened on his new show, The Cycle. Here he is chatting amiably with Alex Schriver, chairman of the College Republican National Committee:

Good work, Touré! You really showed Schriver how uncool it is to know facts and stuff.

I’m happy that S.E. Cupp has a regular network gig, even if it’s on MSNBC. The Cuppster can handle herself just fine against that brain trust. And I like the show’s graphical setup, or whatever it’s called. You know, the way they’ve got everybody in their own little box. It looks… oddly familiar…

Here’s the story
Of a gal named S.E.
Who was dealing with three very angry libs…

And if Touré is going to get clowned like that on a regular basis, even better. Keep it coming, MSNBC. We like-ul The Cycle!

(Hat tip: PJ Tatler)

P.S. Touré also knows that there’s nothing cooler than a sore loser.