Gutfeld explains ‘starry-eyed school girl’ media’s double standard on rich GOP vs. rich Dems

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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During his monologue on the Fox News Channel’s “The Five” on Tuesday, co-host Greg Gutfeld compared the media to a ‘starry-eyed school girl,’ citing a Washington Post Right Turn blog post about media bias.

In the Monday post Gutfeld cited, author Michael Moynihan noted than when covering fundraisers for President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the media tends to highlight Republican donors’ show of wealth, while Democrats’ show of wealth is ignored.

“Well, in The Washington Post, Michael Moynihan looks at the media’s take on the presidential backers and finds it isn’t exactly fair and balanced,” Gutfeld said. “[T]he media made sure we knew how rich those at Mitt’s Hamptons fundraiser were by zeroing in on their wheels. Yeah, they drove cars — probably made of Faberge eggs and kittens. The AP listed ‘the Mercedes, Bentleys and a candy red Ferrari Spider.’ The L.A. Times added ‘a line of Range Rovers, BMWs, Porsche Roadsters and one gleaming cherry red Ferrari,’ and The New York Times, ‘Gleaming Bentleys, Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes.’ Mind you, the Times CEO Janet Robinson just got a $24 million severance. Bet she won’t spend it on a moped.”

Moynihan pointed how in his piece the disparities of the coverage of the two candidates, but Gutfeld offered a reason for it — the media want to be like the Democratic-leaning rich and famous.

“But somehow the coverage isn’t the same when President Obama attends star-studded fundraisers. As Moynihan notes, you won’t see the press focusing on Meryl Streep’s transport,” Gutfeld continued. “Here’s why: Political reporters by in large are starry-eyed school girls whose palms sweat and hearts flutter in the presence of coked-up therapy-driven chuckle bags who thinks wearing a ribbon makes them look smart. If a star says ‘earth good, people bad,’ they get a gold star from the AP. But rich Republicans are easy targets because they’re rich. And the media envies that. But the rich and famous on the left gets a pass. The media doesn’t envy them. They just want to be like them.”

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