Woman killed at Comic-Con while waiting for Twilight discussion

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A 53-year-old Comic-Con attendee was run over by a car on Tuesday. The woman, identified as Gisella G., had been camping in front of the San Diego Convention Center, and was eagerly awaiting a “Twilight” panel.

G. ran across a street toward the convention center at around 9:20 a.m., said San Diego Police Officer Sgt. Ron Glass. The convention center staff had moved the line and she was running to keep her place.

UT San Diego reports that one car’s driver saw her coming and slowed down, but that the 67-year-old driver of a Subaru Outback did not see her. G. tried to stop but tripped into the Subaru’s path.

G. was taken to a near by hospital unconscious and profusely bleeding from the head. There she was pronounced dead.

To Twilight fans on Twitter, the woman was known as TwiFanG. Fans have been expressing condolences with the hashtag #RIPTwiFanG and have requested that the Twilight panel have a moment of silence. Others have organized a fundraiser to cover funeral expenses, The Examiner reports. (FLASHBACK: ‘Twilight’ sweeps a brutally boring MTV Movie Awards)

“It’s such a sad loss for our community,” 23-year-old Melissa Sandate of Tuscon, Ariz., told UT San Diego.

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