Mark Levin: U.S. ‘vulnerable to another terrorist attack’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Tuesday radio show, conservative host Mark Levin explained that although it has been over a decade since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack, it’s still possible the United States could get hit again.

Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” said President Barack Obama has made the country more vulnerable to an attack than “any time in the recent past.”

“It’s been a while since 9/11, but I’m going to tell you something — we are vulnerable to another terrorist attack,” Levin said. “I know we’re always vulnerable to it, but we’re more vulnerable to it today under this president and his policies than in any time in the recent past. And I want to make this point — I want to underscore this point because we are in many ways unilaterally withdrawing from our border.”

Later Levin elaborated on the vulnerabilities, suggesting that politics had taken precedent over border security.

“Now, Obama can play all the racial politics he wants,” he said. “He can play all the election games he wants, but the fact of the matter — he is making this nation vulnerable, vulnerable. If somebody wants to attack this country, they see what’s going on. They hear what the president is saying. They read the newspapers. They listen to the radio and watch television. Rather than strengthening our resources and increasing them, rather than building many more hard obstacles for people coming across the border, less we know who they are, rather than requiring people to identify who they are if they’re stopped in incident to some other event, we’re doing the opposite. We’re taking away our ability to secure ourselves, let alone uphold what it means to be a citizen.”

Levin took aim at Obama’s argument that securing the border was too difficult a task with another shot at the administration for its handling of the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

“I want to be as clear as I can about this — if we are attacked again and somebody slips into this country because of the political ethnic games this president is playing and his supporters are playing by cutting enforcement, by slashing personnel, by refusing to take the steps necessary to defend this nation, our own southern border. Obama can say all he wants: George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, 10 years of this and 10 years of that. But it is the affirmative policy of our government right now to disengage in many ways from the fight against illegal immigration and securing our border. You can’t tell me that the nation that built the Hoover Dam, the nation that built the greatest naval fleet that the world has ever known, the nation that built the highway system, can’t secure the southern border. We can, but they won’t. Too busy ensuring that drug cartels using al-Qaida tactics with decapitation and torture — that they wind up with some of our more advanced weaponry at the direction of the Obama administration, which they’re busy covering up because they’re crooks.”

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