‘Pride and Prejudice,’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’ will be re-released with added sex scenes

Gage Smith Contributor
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It seems the apocalypse of English literature has officially come.

Clandestine Classics, a subdivision of Total-E-Bound publishing, is reprinting three British classics with some added steamy sex scenes, E! online reports. The publisher plans to first tackle “Pride and Prejudice,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “Jane Eyre.”

“The old fashioned pleasantries and timidity have all been stripped away, quite literally,” a press release from the company reads. “You didn’t really think that these much loved characters only held hands and pecked cheeks did you? … Learn what Sherlock really thought of Watson, what Mr. Darcy really wanted to do to Miss Elizabeth Bennet and unveil the sexy escapades of Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre.”

So much for a little innuendo and imagination. The publishing company has also dropped hints that it will release a re-do of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” with some more-than-friendly feelings between two males characters, adding in “a journey of the senses that would scandalize society.”

The idea for the updated novels is apparently inspired by the success of E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a fan fiction series based on Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series “Twilight.”