David Brooks on GOP veepstakes: ‘I personally think Portman is the right pick’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On this weekend’s “Meet the Press” on NBC, New York Times columnist David Brooks, who believes we won’t see a very in-depth debate about ideologies driving the upcoming presidential election, said he does think major world events could change the scope of the contest.

Brooks offered his preferred pick, arguing that, in the event of a crisis, a boring candidate like Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman would be the way to go.

“You know, I go for gravitas,” he said. “I personally think Portman is the right pick. Look, something is going to happen in the world. The big political event that happened last week was the Spanish bonds went crazy. That means a European crisis is more likely. The Iranian crisis has gotten more likely as Israel’s patience has begun to wear thin. So two big things are possible over the next 107 days. So you want a vice presidential candidate who seems up to that. So I’d go for the boring grave guy.”

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