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Ten Things To Set The Conversation Straight About Guns

Michael Piccione Contributor
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Jim Pontillo, the president of FMK Firearms, just called me. Jim’s first words were “Did you watch O’Reilly last night?” I had and I listened to some statements that were just flat out misinformed. There are too many uninformed opinions out there and I’m here to set the record straight on a few things.

1. Show me all these places that are selling fully automatic AK-47’s and putting them on the streets. Seriously, I would like to know where they are located.

2. The thing that holds rounds and inserts into a gun is called a “magazine.” It’s not a clip.

3. Automatics are guns that when the trigger is depressed the gun fires until empty. Semi-automatic guns fire once when the trigger is pulled. Calling for controls on automatic weapons means you just don’t know what you are talking about because they are already tightly controlled.

4. Switzerland is loaded with citizens who own guns legally. Chicago is one big gun ban zone. Guess which one has all the gun crime?

5. People don’t have bazookas, mortars, grenade throwers or heavy artillery and you can’t just walk into a gun show and buy them.

6. I’ll decide what is suitable for my defensive situations. I really don’t need anyone telling me what they think I need to defend my patch or person.

7. Using the term “assault weapon” should land you an assault boot in your ass.

8. Banning guns simply increases the victim pool. Those that want your guns banned are saying that they would rather you be the victim than be the victim themselves.

9. Common sense gun control is often offered by people with no common sense, no knowledge of self-defense or people that are protected by someone else’s gun.

10. You don’t want to own a gun and that is fine. When someone breaks into your house yelling “I’m calling the police” is the same as yelling “I’m calling someone that has a gun.” Remember, cops carry guns to protect themselves as do the majority of Americans. No gun owner is pleased about innocent death.