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Elizabeth Warren is speaking at the Democratic National Convention, you guys

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No, seriously. They’re putting the woman who gave us “You didn’t build that” front and center. There was a rumor about it a few days ago, but I figured it was an obvious joke. That’s what I get for underestimating the Democrats’ love of rake-stepping!

From Yahoo! News:

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren announced late Monday that she is slated to open for former President Bill Clinton at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

“It will be an honor to share the convention stage with President Clinton on Wednesday, and to talk about what is happening to America’s families,” Warren said in a statement released by the Democratic National Convention Committee. “I grew up in a hardworking family, in an America that was investing in kids like me. President Obama is committed to making sure that America has a level playing field for all our families and to ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to make it.”

Oh, he’s leveling the playing field, alright. The problem for him is that the people who are actually playing on that field are starting to notice.

I think putting Chief Running Lie and her nutty Marxist ideas out in front of the whole world is a great plan. You’re the best, Democrats!

Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren: “blue dress” and “blew the election.”

P.S. Correction: Her nutty Maoist ideas.