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Olympic Shooting Medal Recap

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Olympic shooting sports as of August 6, 2012.

Highlights include Vincent Hancock taking Men’s Skeet Gold, and setting an Olympic Record to become the first two-time gold medalist in men’s skeet. Hancock set an Olympic record score of 148. Kim Rhode has set a new American Olympic record as the first USA athlete to win an individual sport medal at five consecutive Olympic Games. During the women’s skeet qualification round, Rhode hit 74 hit out of 75 targets, then equaled her own world record with a perfect 25 in the final for a total score of 99.


August 6, 2012
Men’s Trap
Gold: Giovanni Cernogoraz (Croatia) Final Score: 146
Silver: Massimo Fabbrizi (Italy) Final Score: 146
Bronze: Fehaid Aldeehani (Kuwait) Final Score: 145
Men’s 50m Rifle, 3 Pos.
Gold: Niccolo Campriani (Italy) Final Score: 1278.5
Silver: Jonghyun Kim (South Korea) Final Score: 1272.5
Bronze: Matt Emmons (United States) Final Score: 1271.3

August 5, 2012
Men’s 50m Pistol
Gold: Jongoh Jin (South Korea) Final Score: 662
Silver: Young Rae Choi (South Korea) Final Score: 661.5
Bronze: Zhiwei Wang (China) Final Score: 658.6

August 4, 2012
Women’s Trap
Gold: Jessica Rossi (Italy) Final Score: 99
Silver: Zuzana Stefecekova (Slovakia) Final Score: 93
Bronze: Delphine Reau (France) Final Score: 93

Women’s 50m Rifle, 3 Pos.
Gold: Jamie (Beyerle) Gray (United States) Final Score: 691.9
Silver: Ivana Maksimovic (Serbia) Final Score: 687.5
Bronze: Adela Sykorova (Czech Republic) Final Score: 683

August 2, 2012

Men’s Double Trap
Gold: Peter Wilson (Great Britain) Final Score: 188
Silver: Hakan Dahlby (Sweden) Final Score: 186
Bronze: Vasily Mosin (Russia) Final Score: 185


August 1, 2012

Women’s 25m Pistol

Gold: Jangmi Kim (Republic of Korea) Final Score: 792.4

Silver: Ying Chen (China) Final Score: 791.4

Bronze: Olena Kostevych (Ukraine) Final Score: 788.6


July 31, 2012

Men’s Skeet

Gold: Vincent Hancock (United States) Final Score: 148

Vincent Hancock

Silver: Anders Golding (Denmark) Final Score: 146

Bronze: Nassir Al-Attiya (Qatar) Final Score: 144


July 30, 2012

Men’s 10m Air Rifle

Gold: Alin George Moldoveanu (Romania) Final Score: 702.1

Silver:  Niccolo Campriani (Italy) Final Score: 701.5

Bronze:  Gagan Narang (India) Final Score: 701.1


July 29, 2012

Women’s Skeet

Gold: Kim Rhode (USA) Final Score: 99

Kim Rhode

Silver: Nin Wei (China) Final Score: 91

Bronze: Danka Bartekova (Slovakia)


Women’s 10 M Air Pistol

Gold: Wenjun Guo (China) Final Score: 488.1

Silver: Celine Goberville (France) Final Score: 486.6

Bronze: Olena Kostevych (Ukraine) Final Score: 486.6


July 28, 2012

Men’s 10 M Air Pistol

Gold: Jin Jongoh (Republic of Korea) Final Score: 688.2

Silver: Luca Tesconi (Italy) Final Score: 685.8

Bronze: Andrija Zlatic Final Score: 685.2


Women’s 10 M Air Rifle

Gold: Yi Siling (China) Final Score: 502.9

Silver: Bogacka (Poland) Final Score: 502.2

Bronze: Yu Dan (China) Final Score: 501.5