‘DJs for Obama’ sounds like an SNL skit, but it’s real [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The Obama campaign’s latest attention grab sounds like it could be part of a “Saturday Night Live” skit — but it is very, very real.

“DJs for Obama” is a group of disc jockeys who, as its name suggests, support President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts.

In a one minute video, which appears to pander to the douchey, Los Angeles scenester demographic, features photos of several DJs for Obama with names like DJ Adam, DJ Sharada, and D-Nice, strung together to the narration of DJ Cassidy.

“DJs for Obama is a group of DJs coming together to raise the support needed for Barack Obama,” Cassidy says. “DJ’s are about motivation, inspiration, celebration — that’s why I think it makes perfect sense not only to celebrate this man, but to motivate to reelect him.”

The gist of the video — in case you don’t want to waste one minute of your life that you will never get back — is that a group of inconsequential hipsters want Obama to be the president again.

Coming soon to the campaign video arsenal: Fedora-Wearers for Obama, Persian Cats for Obama and Toyota Gloveboxes for Obama.


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