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What is Geico’s major malfunction?

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If you’re like me — and for both our sakes, let’s hope you’re not — this is the only Geico commercial you’ve ever wanted to see more than once:

I could watch R. Lee Ermey screaming at people all day, and on occasion I have. He only did the one Geico spot, though, and according to him, that wasn’t his choice.

This weekend, some TMZ drone did the usual TMZ thing and bothered Ermey in an airport. Fortunately, Ermey didn’t unscrew the geek’s head and use his neck as a men’s room, or we wouldn’t get to hear Ermey’s claim that Geico fired him for speaking out against the Obama administration:

R. Lee Ermey — Geico FIRED ME for Bashing Barack
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“If you’re a conservative in this town, you better watch out.”

And did you catch the TMZ mutant calling him “General Lee” at the end? Maybe that was supposed to be clever. Or maybe the kid was nervous because he’d just escaped certain death.

Ermey may be right about Geico. (He may be wrong, but are you gonna tell him that?) If so, well, Geico has the right to hire and fire whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. Ermey has the right to talk about it. And you and I have the right to spend our money as we see fit.

For now, anyway. We’ll see what happens in November.

I do wish Ermey had answered the more important question, though: What the hell is a jackwagon?