At RNC, occupiers’ signs slam Fox News, politicize vaginas, link GOP to Al-Qaida [VIDEO]

Melissa Quinn Contributor
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TAMPA, Fla. — Occupy protesters dressed up as giant vaginas, attacked the Fox News Channel and linked the GOP with America’s biggest terrorist enemy Monday while protesting near the Republican National Convention.

More than 500 anarchists and other left-wing activists held signs and chanted “anti-, anti-, anti-capitalista” as they made their way from a site in north Tampa to the convention center, guided by armed police officers the entire way.

“Republican arrogance hurt America more than al-Qaeda,” read one protester’s sign.

“Fox sucks. Mitt is a ditz,” read another.

Members of Occupy Tampa expected more than 40,000 to join in their cause, but just a tiny fraction of that number made the trip.

Women from Code Pink, an all female anti-war group, dressed as giant vaginas to protest Republicans’ so-called “war on women.”

“Vagina,” one sign read. “Can’t say it — don’t legislate it.”

While the march was peaceful, hundreds of police officers and National Guard troops lined the streets along the protesters’ parade route. Law enforcement used bicycles to block the protesters from moving down streets adjacent to the convention center.

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