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Here’s Clint

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Apparently he was just winging it, which is pretty nuts. Especially considering he’s 82. But are you gonna tell Clint Eastwood what to do?

He got a little doddering at times, but it never reached Biden levels. And wait until you hear what he said about that guy:


He had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. And he’s obviously been talking back to the TV news for the last 4 years. Had some things to say. Glad he had a chance to get it off his chest.

The best part: He goofed on Obama. He mocked and belittled the guy. Which is the one thing Obama hates more than capitalism. Now Barry has to decide whether he really wants to lash out at Clint Eastwood. It’s beautiful.

Eastwood just reminded liberals why they hated him back in the ’70s. And now he gives even less of a $#!+.

Oh yeah, and Romney was pretty good too.

Sleep tight, Team Obama!

P.S. Tonight, history was made: The President of the United States sent a passive-aggressive subtweet to Clint Eastwood.

Enjoy it while you can, champ.

There’s no problem Obama can’t solve with a picture of Obama. He has no sense of humor about himself, and he’s fueled by spite against anyone who opposes him. Classic example right here: Somebody made fun of him, so he fired back by asserting his authority. “Oh yeah? W-w-well… I’m the president! So there!” It’s all about his fragile ego. Losing in November is really going to hurt his feelings.

Nice guy, though.