Kucinich not satisfied with pace of economic recovery under Obama

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich acknowledged to The Daily Caller that he’s not satisfied with the pace of economic recovery under President Barack Obama.

But the liberal lawmaker said he still supports the president’s re-election and argued that voters should give Obama more time before blaming him for the dismal economy.

“Am I satisfied personally with the pace? No,” Kucinich told TheDC during a brief gaggle with several reporters at the Democratic National Convention.

“So can we get to where we need to go? Yes. Are we there today? No,” Kucinich said.

Responding to the question of whether the country is better off than it was four years ago, the liberal congressman said the “problem is our time perception” and “it’s about more than 2 and 4 years.”

“We think it’s all going to be solved in four years,” Kucinich said. “So because it hasn’t been, we think, ‘well, we got to try something else.’ Look, this is a process,” he said.

Kucinich noted his differences with the president, but said he still plans to cast a vote for him in November.

“I’m going to support him,” the congressman said. “But do I agree with everything? C’mon? I mean anybody that knows me knows that the president have had many substantive differences.”

“But when it comes down to a vote, and I’m looking at President Obama and Mr. Romney — whose a good American — I’m voting for Barack Obama,” he said.

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